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IDMC Gospel Soul Choir

IDMC back at The Hideaway

Lock Down Hideaway Summer Special

With the whole country on lockdown and the major scare of Covid-19 controlling every one’s lives, there was a need for people to hit the release button to let off some of the pressure of the current situation. Musicians and artists in general have found their income dry right up and bookings and events have been “locked off” in the lock down.

August 2020 saw many of the strict restrictions start to be eased, and opportunities for groups and singers to come together and do shows online, but this wasn’t so easy for choirs because of the amount of singers involved.

The opportunity arose for IDMC to return to one of its favourite venues,The Hideaway in south London, which has sadly now closed permanently, to perform a live stream concert with the full choir and band.

The concert was aired to a worldwide audience!

This gig saw John, 12 of his best vocalists and his “A’List band of musicians lay down some amazing music, and create their own full live experience online as there was no audience allowed in the venue, although many of their regular friends, family and fans blew up our phones wanting to get in and see the choir live.

The rehearsal build up wasn’t easy, as the choir had to create its own bubble which allowed them to rehearse together at the Front Rooms venue in Croydon.

John choose this gig to perform many of the songs that will appear on the choirs next studio album. The songs went down a treat with the choir and those online, it felt like a job well done, leaving the choir feeling good, even though there wasn’t an audience in front of them.

The concert was aired to a worldwide audience, with great viewing numbers which was encouraging, as this brought in a little bit of income for the choir to help keep it afloat.

The audience let John and the choir know how much they loved the show and couldn’t wait to get back to gigs as normal.