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IDMC Gospel Soul Choir


With lots to prepare, IDMC went back to its rehearsal home, the premises studios Hackney, putting the final touches to their presentation on Sunday evening.

The team are continuing to blend, but are also continuing to recruit members to develop the groups sound.

3 lovely ladies came to audition last night, 2 John Knew from before, and one a brand new aquaintance, but all 3 were very nice singers. We are still on the hunt for just 2 more male vocalist which will be the final touch to the groups sound, allowing us to shut the door for this year and allowing us to build and develop the sound that John is looking for.

Separately John and his Assistant Music Director Andre have been rehearsing a new band, and they sound very nice. The musicians are all young bloods, but have a good understanding of Johns music.

It is an exciting time for the choir with numerous dates ahead, we are enjoying the moments we are blessed with