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IDMC Gospel Soul Choir

IDMC in Belgravia

It was such a cold and rainy evening, which threatened to keep the crowds away, but instead they came out in their numbers to enjoy the entertainment provided by the Motcomb street association

The audience gathered were treated to a local Jazz band and a military brass band in the earlier part of the evening, as well as the Christmas lights being switched on by well known celebrity Christopher Biggins

With the cold and rain coming in, it looked like IDMC would be singing to the shop fronts, but as they announced the choir our friends and fans came out from where they were sheltering from the rain with their brollies in hand, and braved the cold for a 30 minute set in the cold.

It was a lovely time, with John and the crew going through seasonal hits, gospel classics as well as inspirational songs, that had the crowd singing and dancing in the rain…

Loved every minute…